We bear fruit. 🐍🌳🍎

The Blessed Fig Tree is a charming bookstore in downtown Antigo, where book lovers can find a treasure trove of interesting literature alongside herbal remedies, homemade 🌱 cuisine and all sorts of curios. Browse the shelves for rare and out-of-print titles, pick up some locally crafted art, or simply relax and enjoy an infused drink in the cozy reading nook. 🌳📖🍎

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-6pm

  • Books

    We specialize in unusual, vintage, and rare books of many genres. Wander the stacks and see if you can find something wonderful.

    Peruse the many shelves. 
  • Creations

    Supporting local artisans is important to us, which is why we've partnered with many local artisans to bring you amazing crafts.

    Discover a new treasure. 
  • Explorations

    We offer a range of wide classes, workshops, and seminars relating to herbalism, history, bushcraft, biology, and more.

    Learn something amazing. 
  • Preparations

    Our trained herbalist can help you realize your full potential with consultations, herbal solutions, and apothecarial services.

    Find something helpful. 
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